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About Us

HK-Consult ApS

HK-Consult APS is founded by Henrik Kristensen which has been working as consultant since 2008 for large and medium sized companies in Denmark. Through the years we have collected a wide knowledge of what the customer expects from a professional consultant. Besides HK-Consult ApS employeed consultants, we work closely together with network of consultants in Denmark, and we support customers all over Europe.

Why HK-Consult ApS?

In a time where lack of engineering competencies is increasing, it is an advantage that companies
has the opportunity to rely on consultant assistance for a long or short period. A few years ago it was primarily few big companies who used consultants but today it is widely adopted from small to large companies.

To get a successful experience with a consultant it is very important that the consultant has the right and professional attitude and skills toward the assignment.

At HK-Consult ApS you will see that we have only very experienced consultants within their areas which enables them to navigate with solid confidence in all expected deliverables.

As a result of this, many of our consultants has been working for the same companies simply due to the fulfillment of the customer expectations.

Beyond very long contracts, we are also ready for solving tasks from a few hours via teleconference for assisting in very urgent matters where specialist advice is needed. We are fast to adapt to assist in “fire fighting”.



At HK-Consult ApS we supply very experienced consultants at a very competible prices, and we work with both Hour prices and fixed prices for any given assignment. The price is very dependent of the task and the duration. Having said that – no task is too small or too big, so please do not hesitate to get in contact for a non binding talk about your dedicated project.

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You are always welcome to contact us. We are ready by phone or mail.


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