HK-Consult supplies consultants to many different businesses and industries:

Wind Medico
Space Wireless
Agriculture Oli/Gas

We have a long list of competencies within embedded HW/SW/Mechanical solutions, Project management, Management(line) & Strategy.

We can supply resources to all phases of your project.

Embedded Hardware

HK-Consult supplies consultant services within embedded hardware, typical involving one or more embedded micro-controllers. We assist in all project phases from idea to the final producable and tested product, including documentation such as Product Requirement Specification, HW Design documentation, Test specifications and Production documentation.

To avoid/minimize EMC issues we are also capable assisting in design review where we also can comment on cost down, optimization of PCB layout, design for manufacturing etc.

Embedded Software - C & C++

HK-Consult supplies consultant services within embedded software, typical in C and/or C++

We assist in all project phases from idea to the final producible and tested product. This also includes documentation such as:

- SW Design
- Architecture description
- Requirements specification
- Test specification
- Production documentation.

HW/SW/Mechanical solutions...

HK-Consult has a huge expertise in development of products including HW/SW & Mechanical elements. We acknowledge the importance of having the full overview of all elements of the product, with clear definitions of electrical and physical interfaces to ensure optimal solution.

Project Management

HK-Consult has experienced and certified project manager consultants who can operate within all aspects of project and program management.
Our consultants has many years of experience and they are skilled within all project models like Prince-2, Stage-gate, mm.

- Scrum
- Agile Management
- Prince-2

Management and strategy...

HK-Consult has experienced consultants within Management & Strategy. We assist customers with interim department managers or analyze our customers need of changes in processes or strategies.

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